Revolution about Health

March 21, 2007 11:09am CST
how many of having good health??? actually wat im going say is a person having good health should have seven impotant things 1, Taking Fresh air 2, Drinking Water with Perfect balence 3, Taking good Protien Diet 4, Motion shoud be Free with out any inconveince 5, Regular excercise to body 6, Good rest to the body 7, Mind having have good thoughts why we are not maitaing all these???? why we prone to sedentary lifedtyle??? is it fair??? is it justify??? for suppose we doing job at somebody, after end the month Boss regected to give the the salary, wat we do---- we will fight aganist to him and finally we will get the salary in the same way our body is also doing job daily but we are not perfect salary to her atleast 3 or things as said first think about this and try to give all the seven factors to ur body i hope all will follow this
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