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@kleo_23 (104)
March 21, 2007 11:45am CST
what is your opinion about people who spend most of their time joining rallys against their government? personally, i joined rallys before (some at will, some i participated because attendance is required). i do have many sentiments about my government also but i started to realized when you over exercise these right of expressing your freedom of speech is not healthy anymore. first of all, its risky. call me a coward but experience tells me, i shouldn't get so involved in activitist such as these. years back during the marcos regime in the philippines, i almost lost my father if he had not been stopped by my mother to join the other activist who were ambushed the same day while they were on their ways to the bicol region. second, those of them who have jobs, i think they could have been more useful to the government if they had focused more on being productive in their profession. third, a waste of time and money, spending on poster, paints, food for the participants of these events. i think some of them are not after only for a good cause but also in some way enjoying free food and no job but getting paid when all you did was spend time on the streets yelling out their sentiments the whole day. generally speaking, i am not against attending any rallys once in awhile if for good cause but everyday then you get paid without doing any job, complaining about the government system but you yourself is not contributing anything for the betterment of the country, i thinks its not fair to everyone. if we want peace and good governance, it should begin with ourselves and be good examples. there are alot of ways to create change and there are proper ways to do that. i know it does not apply to all situations but i still don't think forgetting our other obligations to the government can help change the negative side of the government. well what do you think?
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@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
24 Mar 07
i think if you genuinely know what your talking about and actualy have something to say instead of regurgitating the same tired buzz-phrases from hollywood then go for it. It seems no one reallky thinks anymore before they protest. i havent heard an original opinion yet from the left about this war in iraq....everyone on that end if they had their way would govern by "how they FEEL". i think too much of it as well damages us and how the world views us. it also gives our enemies the notion that we are week and all it takes is a little bloodshed and we cower like kittens. i want to commend you post. very well written and you made some thought provoking comments.