Does everyone give a rating when a discussion is posted?

@toolfan (305)
United States
March 21, 2007 12:54pm CST
I have learned a ton since I have been here on MyLot...Life experiences, business opportunities, etc. Do we all actually rate discussions? I often find myself responding to discussions, in detail, but then forget sometimes to rate a good discussion. Does this happen to you? Do you rate the discussion 1st, or find that sometimes you scan through the discussion so fast that you forget. Does it actually make you more money to be rated? Just wanted to find out. Thanks
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@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
21 Mar 07
I haven't yet. I thought that the staff at myLot gave the ratings. I've just started doing the 'select the best'discussion. and I am usually in a hurry.
@friendship (2085)
• Canada
21 Mar 07
I think the more we have participated on myLot, the more we got higher ratings and earnings. Last week, I didn't participate frequently. As a result, my rating goes down. I don't know if you agree with this policy. I also think not only members can give rating but also myLot's staff can also do it. I think ratings on MyLot is subjective. If someone doesn't agree with your opinion, he can rate - or ! In my opinion, ratings should only based on whether their discussions have violated myLot's policy or not (such as spamming, insulting, etc.) What do you think?
@Kowgirl (3490)
• United States
21 Mar 07
I have given some discussions a rating but sometimes I just forget to do that. I don't know if it helps the person who started the discussion or not. I do try to rate the responses to all my discussions. I think they deserve that for taking the time to read and type in an answer.