be my refferal plz T_T

@linoge (102)
United States
March 21, 2007 2:45pm CST
if some one have lots of time and wanna join one of paid to click/ read email, plz be my refferal. (NB:name with asteriks(*) really paid. i just got the payment :D, the other.... still trying to getthe lowest $ to pay out T_T) 1. make that money pay out min $1 offer payout min $0.1 3.milkywayclicks pay out min $0.1 4.getpaidmail pay out min $8 5.jillsclickcorner pay out min $0.1 *** 6.hitforpay pay out min $25 7.algoco payout min $30 8.donkeymail 9.usefullsignup pay out min $10 10.indoxdollar pay out min $30 Thanks ^^x
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