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@h_gaurd9 (987)
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March 21, 2007 4:25pm CST
I've hated my high school years. Right now I'm a junior and I have not done extracurricular activities in high school. I've only done one sport in 9th grade and that was wrestling along with some martial arts. I've now stopped doing this. It is not that I have lost interest and don't care(I have a lot of desire), but right now I'm kind of stuck in a rut. When I moved from NY to Florida, I have just started 9th grade and getting around places is difficult. We lived in an apartment for a year and a half trying to look for houses until we finally got one. This was towards the end of my sophomore year in high school, but then all of a sudden I had to switch schools. To do things after school, you need a ride, everyone either has to work or goto school and there is no time for them to give me a ride. It sucks! I need help. It feels like my social life is going down and I feel depressed all the time. It feels like no one can help me. I'm not doing this for attention, but I also left out so much details that I feel I can't share. Difficult to explain.
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30 Dec 07
Wow thats too bad. Try talking to your guidance counselor if you want to know activities at your school. If you are Christian I strongly recommend this book: Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen. I PROMISE it will help as it helped me and I am a high schooler too and the book isn't just for old farts, its good for high schoolers. Give it a try. I would paste a link but this stupid thing won't let me so go to amazon.com and type in "Your best life now" and it should be the first thing that pops up. :)
@classy56 (2881)
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21 Mar 07
i understand how you must feel.with all this moveing around didnt help any at all.but now since you are settle down in a new home an new school.you need to focus on what you can change to help you acommplish your high school dreams.stay active in school.an meet other students who enjoys the same thing you do an maybe their parent can pick you up an take you to those activites an have some fun.but dont give up.keep trying an you will make new friends an become social active.