Every week 1000 people join mylot

@anshnav (479)
March 21, 2007 11:46pm CST
Isn't this a great achievement by mylot By the increasing population we can imagine how fast mylot is getting popular. by this growing rate we can analyse that within next a year or two mylot is going to be a common site to visit everyday for all the people in the world.
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@xeron0719 (812)
• Hong Kong
22 Mar 07
Yes, mylot is growing really fast. I am sure that mylot's population can reach 100,000 in the near future. Just 18,XXX more to go! =)
@oarnamav (2708)
• India
22 Mar 07
I understand your intention in the discussion but you are little incorrect in the number you wrote. I joined 88 days before and the population was 32000 approximtely and now it has reached a stage where almost 82000 user members are there in mylot. So the members joined in 90 days is arround 50000 nos: this means almost 556 members joined per day in to mylot website. i.e. close to 4000 members pae week. The population, what we see is the number of members registered but very few as compared continue to work here. So many fleed away before they make their 100 postings even. The normal expectation of earning online money is with some geedyness to grab something without any concrete efforts hence these type of users run away soon. At present there are only 2330 member users on mylot at this moment, who have a rating more than 500(number in the braces). This shows you the precise picture of mylot population I think. I wish you will keep the same spirit to work in mylot. All the best from oarnamav.