Stereotypes about nations

March 22, 2007 4:13am CST
Hello again. When I was in high school, in the German lessons we used to talk about stereotypes. So we said for example, that a typical thing that everybody thinks about German people is, that they are perfectionists: orderly and systematic, but seem to be cold. And that the British are very polite, but their food is terrible (no offence, this is what the others said, not me). And the Poles? Ofcourse they are stealers and cheaters, drink too much, but the polish girls are, as they say, very beautiful. And so on. Do you know stereotypes about your country? Are they good or bad? If bad, do you fight against them or let them be?
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@meguchan (181)
• Spain
22 Mar 07
I hate stereotypes haha. I'm from spain and foreigners thinks that spanish people likes flamenco and these things... It's false! People I know don't like flamenco. And we don't like the "tradition" of bulls. I think it's a very stupid and horrible thing to kill bulls for entertainment. And my friends think the same. So... stereotypes sucks!
• Poland
22 Mar 07
Thanks a lot. You`re right. I have a friend, who lives in Spain and she sais the same. I also agree, that stereotypes suck, whether good or bad. It doesn`t depend on nationality, what kind of people we are...