Some people's life is OTHER PEOPLE'S MISERY!!!!!!!

@boldriq (201)
March 22, 2007 5:00am CST
I'VE HAD IT!!! My co-worker is making my life a living hell!!! She's a 28 years old mom of two and suposly left her boyfriend... She thinks she's the all knowing, emancipated, nobody-can-mess-with-me kind of a person. She's came about 4 years before me and is a stuck up bi...! She uses every moment possible to suck up to the boss. My boss has been under a tremendous stress latelly. So she(the boss) depends on this awfull person to report to her about the situation at the work place. She reports only the bad things about us back to the boss and none of the positive ones. Suddenly she thinks she's the boss and commands us! According to her we should be doing our jobs her way, even though we have different tasks than she does. And our boss isn't bothered with our side of the storry. So every negative thing the boss hears from her, is a mistake for which we have to pay!
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