should i forget her . ?

March 22, 2007 8:55am CST
she is my good friend at school so she is also my school mate, at college we are good friends . and somehow we love each other , she calls me brogher ,and we often go shopping and go dancing on weekends . how nice the time we spend . but when we graduate her family don't like me just because i live in the country side and there is not much money in my home ,her family don't want her to spend the poor life with me . but i can't forget her up till now , ten years passed . sometimes i dreamed her . how can i forget her , can you tell me ?thanks
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@Darkwing (21586)
22 Mar 07
If she feels the same way about you and wants to spend time with you she will. If you're ten years on from graduation, then there is no reason why she can't make up her own mind who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. It's not a decision her parents can make any more. She has to live her life the way she, herself, wants to. Their way of looking at things is a crazy, false way, anyway. Living in the country, albeit poorly, gives life a much richer quality than any amount of money, city lights and glitzy cars. Love and quality of life are the most rewarding things we will ever have. I live in the countryside myself and I can vouch for that. I don't have money and false friends. I have friends I love and care about, and they love and care about me. Over and above all this, I have the beauty of nature all around me; animals, trees, plants, water, hills, woods.... boy, I don't envy the rich in pocket. I am far richer in my heart and soul than any of them, and I know how to love and how to share. Talk to her... find out what it is she really wants, for herself. Tell her how you've been feeling these past ten years, but that now, you have to decide to get on with the life that you've had on hold waiting for her. You have to find whether you both want to be together and if not, you have to move on. It's hard, after so much time, I know, but it's the only way to happiness. Good luck with this and Brightest Blessings.
• China
23 Mar 07
thanks for your sercince words , i think i should do at once , i will find a chance to talk to her about my feeling.thaks
@charms88 (7540)
• Philippines
23 Mar 07
Darkwing have already gave you a detailed things of what you must do. Maybe this girl doesn't know you still have feelings for her. Talk tings out with her and spread all the cards on the table to let her know of your true intention. Either which way it will go, you have to accept it wholeheartedly. You need to learn to let go of your past and move on ahead. Nothing good will happen to you if you keep going to the past. Life is too short for us, david.
@merlblue (275)
• United Arab Emirates
22 Mar 07
ohh... but did you try to tell her how you feel about her?