do you get lost in parties or are u a party person

United States
March 22, 2007 10:48am CST
hey folks what do you think about this
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@Emilie88 (143)
• Canada
23 Mar 07
I would say it really depends on the party, If I go to a friend's party where I know everyone, It will be such a blast! On the other hand, If I go to a party where it's a friend of a friend ..I donno ...I might get lost and not like it so much! I have when people just ignore me ..nt even say hi or try beginning a discussion.. I get bored pretty fast
@teison2 (5923)
• Norway
22 Mar 07
Well, that depends a lot on the kind of party we are talking about. I love laid back parties where you can just mingle and hang with whomever you want. I am not a big fan of formal dress up parties where you get stuck next to someone you never met before, long speaches and songs.
@kylanie (1205)
• United States
22 Mar 07
I am a party person I try to go where the action is and I try to fit in well with them so yes I know how much fun that it is to party.
@smacksman (6072)
22 Mar 07
I love parties! We have had three parties at our home so far this year and have had over 150 friends for lunch and drinks. Plus other evening with friends over to play bridge or just a drink or two. We have had three dogs to stay for various weekends while other friends are off on holiday or visiting grandchildren so our lab Ruby has had a lovely party time too, although one old girl Rosie was a bit too fragile to bounce around with 18 month old Ruby. She was so good and gentle with Rosie. Various friends have had us to a party about every other week and it is great to meet new people. It is also amazing how often you meet someone new and find out you have mutual friends. It really is a small world when those mutual friends can be from the other side of the world!!
• United States
22 Mar 07
I am the type of person who used to get into parties. Honestly, I haven't been to a good one in a while, so I really don't know how I am anymore. When I was living in San Diego, party was my middle name. I was the guy who you knew was getting to the party. Now that I am behind a desk Monday thru Friday and married, I am a lot more tame. Although I'm sure I can still party, maybe just not like I used to.