E-Gold and Paypal, which one is better to use with MyLot?

March 22, 2007 12:52pm CST
I have an E-Gold account and a Paypal also but I have never used them. Which one is more convenient to use with MyLot? Which one charges more fee for transferring money to our bank? And specifically about E-Gold, how do I transfer the earnings sent to my E-Gold to our bank account?
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• Philippines
23 Mar 07
They say e-gold is better. Paypal have some restrictions in some countries, example; I am from the Philippines and I cant receive payments through pay pal. I only can send through it. So i go for e-gold
@Jemina (5779)
23 Mar 07
Egold is just as good, dear plus you can invest it online and watch your money grow. With paypal, don't know if I can also invest the money online. So far most of the sites I see accept only e-gold. So there you go! Hope you feel better now. :-D
@mvsrao (4367)
• India
29 Mar 07
You are Indian . Indians have to use Paypal account to get Mylot earnings . At present Mylot doesnt show the other option (E-Gold) for payments to Inian members . Pls see the following discussions to know about money transfer from Paypal account  : http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/649496.aspx http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/536541.aspx
@weemam (13377)
29 Mar 07
I don't know anything about e gold but I do know that pay pal is very good and very thorough , I had a scam email and they were very good at helping me with it xx
@mypeace (394)
• Nigeria
29 Mar 07
I think you will get better explanation if you could add your country. Thats whats matters, in my country, e-gold is better, so i think.
@moreinfo (3866)
• China
29 Mar 07
if you earn more in e-gold, then e-gold is better if you earn more in paypal, then pp is better.