What would happen if everyone was honest and told the truth?

@Zmugzy (773)
March 22, 2007 1:33pm CST
Imagine for a moment that everyone in the world suddenly started to be honest in all aspects of their lives, if they always told the truth and never lied, and if they generally obeyed the law - the immediate effect of this in our present capitalist/consumerist societies would be to create massive unemployment. Security men at banks and stores would not be necessary - nobody would steel anything because they would have to admit to it. There would be no need for locks and safes. Tax inspectors would have far less work. There would be very few criminals but if there were they would be able to stay in prison unguarded. There woul be no need for conductors on buses and trains to check tickets, in fact there would be no need for tickets. Lawyers/attourneys would be mostly redundant because everyone would admit what they did. All the technology associated with law breaking: burgler alarms; security cameras and speed cameras etc, would not be necessary and would not therefore need to be manufactureed. Can anyone think of anything else that would not be needed?
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