On Religion

@Layden (17)
March 22, 2007 9:01pm CST
All moral arguments for the existence of God work on the principle that we all have a sense of morality. Despite cultural differences, broadly speaking, human worldwide have a vague idea of what is right or wrong; a moral existence of God would say that this mutual understanding is proof of God's existence. The basic function of religion is answering questions people ask. People generally want to know what is life and why we want to live it. People either form their answers to turn to religion. Those who believe the same congregate answer and agree on guidelines and rituals of their own religion. Religion also allows people to adapt to new situations and instills patriotism. Religious dysfunction is also important. Religion has caused horrible pains and sufferings. Bloody wars and crusades have been carried out in God's name. Religion mixes with politics and cause countries to fight each other. Religion remains a major part of a society. religion answers the question that plague people the most.People have a desire within to believe in something. Any comment?
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