ok i feel like i am drowning

follow your heart - follow your heart in chinese symbols
United States
March 23, 2007 2:11am CST
i did really well with affiliate programs, and now i feel like i am lost agian i signed up to get paid for leads and for some reason people just arent signing up for my free programs i do smiley traffic, adwords, and yahoo search, and some other traffic sites and they rarely even look at my site when they surf because i know they dont go past the first page i have tried GPT sites i dont have the patience anybody have any ideas of how to make at least 300 extra dollars a month i am a cha cha guide but it just isnt cutting all i get are pranks please if anybody has a heart point me in the right direction and no scams please i wouldnt do that to you on purpose anyways thank you mylotters
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