side effects of prednisone (steroid)

@akinad (446)
March 23, 2007 3:42am CST
prednisone is a medicine used for treating several diseases such as arthrits,allergies,conditions affecting the skin,lungs,stomach,kidneys and others..It aids in reducing swellness and redness and by changing how our autoimmune system works.. yes, it helps a lot in treating those kind of illnesses but on the other hand leaves patients with numerous side effects which can detoriate other organs and change physical appearance as well..This includes headache,highblood pressure,weight gain,loss of potassium and calcium,muscle weakness,puffiness (bloated feeling), obesity, rounding of the upper back (buffalo humps), irregular menstruation and others..It also gives psychiatric disturbanses such as depression,mood swings,insomia and pesonality changes.. So better be careful on taking these kind of drugs..Take it only with a proffesional's advice and do not prolong the use!!
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23 Mar 07
my mom takes this-she has definetly gained weight from being on it.she feels tired a lot also,from what she says.
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24 Mar 07
i'm trying to remember why she was prescribed it.. osteo arthritis,i think. i wish she would cut back..she has no energy,it seems.