What weird sayings do you have in your country?

South Africa
March 23, 2007 4:37am CST
I am a South African, and South African English has almost become a language of it's own! I find the following hillarious: here people call traffic lights Robots! lol! It's the funniest thing. And sodapop a Coolie! So, please share, what weird things you say in your country!
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23 Mar 07
In Scotland we probably use alot of sayings that even some English would need explained to them and I think it all dates back to when Scotland just had many rural towns. If you can you should try and get hold of someone telling a story in a thick Scottish accent because it sounds so far from the English language it would make you laugh. A cannae sell the kew and sup the milk (I can't sell the cow and have milk - the equivlent of can't have you cake and eat it) He never rides the day he saidlles - he never keeps his promise Cannae make hide nor herr - (Can't make fur or hair - meaning can't decipher it) http://www.edzell.org/Scottish_sayings.htm You should really go and check it out. And you should have fun tryin gto pronounce them. Alot of the phrases are still used in day to day talk and I am sure if you read thorugh my posts you may catch the odd word which you don't knnow as I use the Scottish equivlent naturally.
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• South Africa
26 Mar 07
LOL! Thanx this was great! I used to work with British people, and , yes, the Scottish were the most difficult to understand! It's hard imagining that you guys are even understanding each other! :) The webpage didn't want to load, but I'll try again later!
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26 Mar 07
I must have typed it in worong. ill try and find it again.