a horrible movie must watch.

March 23, 2007 5:54am CST
i am a 22 year old boy doing my engineering from mumbai.few days ago i came across a movie i got from my friend named HOSTEL.the movie is so aggrasive that one can not even think of that. the height of the film is the scenes taken by the director is so horrible that the person with weak heart might die if even he watch that particular scenes.the cruality shown in the film is so head shaking that viewer can`t have the guts to watch it again(i`m sure!!!!!).i don`t want anybody to watch such movie but jast want opinion from the people who already bared that movie..........
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@jammyjt (136)
1 Jun 07
Mm favorite bit was when the boy who just got his hand chainsawed off meets the man in the changing room and they have a converastion about what he thought of it and who he had kill that scene was the funnest scene in the whole film
@sensesfail (2251)
• India
6 Apr 07
I watched the movie last year.It was simply amazing.It was kinda gross though.I liked it and it was one the best movies i watched in 2006.I'm used to watching movies like these so i didn't find it that horrifying. The idea of the whole movie is based on this website that director of the movie had visited.I think its a European website or something which actually gives you money,gives your family to be more accurate some money to get you killed.Its like you loose your life and your family gets the reward for it.lol.The idea was so brutal that the director just loved it. Oevrall its a nice movie.I suggest that you guys watch it.Dont if you're a heart patient or somebody who pukes at the sight of blood.Be careful,you could spend all your money in there...lol
• United States
29 Mar 07
I didn't find Hostel to be that bad. At least it had a plot which is more than I can say for most blood and gut films these days. I can't wait to see Hostel 2. I seen it previewed. If you didn't like Hostel you probably wouldn't like SAW 1,2,or 3. So if you haven't watched them you should avoid them. I am a horror/blood and gut movie freak! What kind of movies are you interested in vishalbhanushali? I watch a lot of movies and can probably recommend some.
• United States
26 Mar 07
Holy crap!! Was that movie nuts or what??? The blowtorch scene was the worst next to when the guy had to cut her eye veins. Gross! "Wolf Creek" was bad, too. I can't wait to see "Touristas". Movies like that just reinforce my idea that the best vacations are taken at home with the kids at the babysitter.
• United States
25 Mar 07
haha, hostel isnt even that bad. i think its bad for anyone who goes to whereever the setting took place ^.^ Lots of boobs in that movie as well. Thought that was funny