Mothers over the age 50 can become a little hard to deal with

March 23, 2007 5:58am CST
I am happily married now buit i have got one problem. My mother, has become a little insecure. I dont know from where this feeling of insecurity stems from but i sure do know that a mother who has taken care of her child all her life, faces a dilema when actually her child gets married and has a partner to who cares about him al ot. Mebbe this is wot causes that feeling of insecurity. But i dont think she needs to worry about losing her child to a new person in his life. This kid of hers wont forget easily the sacrifices she's made to bring up her child. But all the convincing from my part never yields anything from her. at the end of it all she still is inseucre. you can almost feel it.
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@classy56 (2883)
• United States
23 Mar 07
a mother dont like letting go of their child,an they worry that the new wife may not be able to take good care of her son.but give your mother some time she will get over this insecurity.i didnt wont my son to get married,but i had to let go of im glad he got married an on his own.funny! i dont have to pick up after him. call your mom when you can.this will help her!