What would you do if no one was replying in your topics?

March 23, 2007 7:50am CST
Im new here and no one seems to be interested in talking to me. I even think that no one would reply in this new topic of mine. I'll just tell something about myself. First of all im a female. Some people thought that I was a male, but I assure you im a female. Im just not into the feminine side but Im still attractd to guys. I love anime and manga. I also love drawnig and making animated gifs. Well that's all . I hope someone could see this for once.
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• Philippines
23 Mar 07
sometimes it happens. dozens of new topics are created every second and not everyone gets to participate in every one of them. don't lose heart over it. i've never started a discussion without any reply. sometimes i only get a few, at the most i get more than 30. for your discussions to have more responses, how about doing a few things first... - participate in discussions started by other mylot users. topics should be something of your interests too. that way you can post a quality response that is useful and relevant to them. then request them to be your friend. - increasing the number of your friends in mylot helps in increasing the number of responses in your topic of discussion - participate in discussions of your friends on a frequent basis and always be sincere about your responses. avoid one-liners if you can - rate responses in your discussions. other mylot users will appreciate you more - posting interesting topics is crucial but i don't worry about it coz i only post topics that i can relate to and that concerns me. i personally don't go for popular topics. so it's up to you i've only been here in mylot for 15 days. it takes awhile to pick up the pace so be patient. just enjoy meeting friends and sharing your views. goodluck! :)
• Philippines
25 Mar 07
wow thanks for the encouragement, i'll try harder from now on.
• Philippines
28 Mar 07
hey, the other day, i got two discussions that really have a long thread as based on my past threads. one has 49 responses and the other one is 103 responses (which by far, has the most number of responses in any of my topics). i was so excited to see it. :) then i remembered your discussion and my response to it. hope this also works for you. goodluck! :)
@072006 (1278)
• India
23 Mar 07
Hey hi, well dont loose hope friend thats first thing i wanna say here , and morever keep postind discussions here, if they find its interesting surely mot people will respond,keep posting quality stuff, keep uploading photos which boost your earning , Best luck there, and have a happy earnings!!!