Crazy Animals...........

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March 23, 2007 8:21am CST
Does ayone else have crazy animals? Or am I the only one blessed with the nutcases? I have a laptop and at night when the cats are relegated to the office (keeps them out of trouble well atleast that is the plan) the younger one (who is deaf) gets up on my pc and does crazy things. One morning I found that he was trying to type a letter, another time he was entering things in the search space. Just this morning he had managed to change the resolution on my screen!!! Our animals are all weird. We have a mini dotsy who thinks he's a cat, the young cat thinks he's a horse and lopes around the house all day not to mention he now thinks he's a computer tech., the big cat is a bully and if you piss him off he pisses on something of yours (ie I made him mad at christmas he pissed on my gifts no one elses just mine.....can he read?? how did he know? I wrapped all the gifts so my scent was on them all!!). So does anyone else have crazy animals?
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@weemam (13377)
25 Mar 07
thanks for the laugh lol I really enjoyed reading that , We had a rough collie called Shep and when we went down to the watter he used to follow the ducks along the bank , and hand on heart he waddled just like they did , I wish I had been able to record it , we laugh about it all the time , I am like you an animal lover xx
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25 Mar 07
Yeah mine are always good for a laugh. Just this morning our big cat (weighs over 16 pounds) got up on my drying table (I am a ceramist and I have a table that I put my ceramic pieces on to dry) and stuck his big ole head (and his head is huge) in one of my flower pots that I was drying and nearly ruined it. I got him out just in time and fixed it where he had stretched it out of shape. Crazy cat. I ended up moving the table closer to the fan neither cat likes the fan so that keeps them off of it. We have ducks that visit our yard every morning anywhere from 2-8 of them. Also when the canadian geese are here at the ponds in our subdivision they will come to visit. I guess I am lucky to have lots of nature and be living in town. I would much rather be in the country though or the mountains.