Separate lives

March 23, 2007 1:26pm CST
My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years. And for all those years, we have been through difficult times and been moving around the city for a place to live. Recently, we had a fight about our situation living with his parents, and he aggressively suggested me to leave without the children, but his mom refused that the children be left behind. I should bring my children with me. We can actually live in a place of our own near my parents but he doesn't like to be near with them at all. I'm confused now, I don't have work and I've got 3 children to feed and pay for the utilities. My parents don't know about the situation and I'm skeptical of telling them.
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• Philippines
23 Mar 07
i think you have to talk it over with your husband. think about the children affected by this situation and yourself. I think he is just fed up with things that stresses him up. when it comes to your parents, tell them when its early complications arises when you let the problem keep longer in your shoulders. they will understand for they are your parents and they knew you since you were born. and don't forget to pray for guidance and divine intervention. these things test us and these will come to pass. what you need is time to analze things and make the right decisions