therapeutic effect of hug

@eykah13 (437)
March 23, 2007 1:42pm CST
ever wonder how your hug can do wonders to the person you love,or care about? It is a mean of saying different things, such as "how are you", "I miss you", "how have you been doing lately?", " I love you", "i'm sorry", "thank you," and many more A hug could tell a lot of words that were unsaid, it can be felt as a way of offering yourself to a person, to be there for them, when troubled times come, when hurt seems to overrule on a person, your hug, a miraculous touch that can be given without hesitation. I remember when my bestfriend and I had a fight, we didn't even take a glance to each other, and it hurts so bad that I cant be with her and talk to her to tell something, It took a while before we finally had an interaction, and it was when I came to her and hugged her, telling that Im sorry, and tears just fell, and the warmth of the hug seemed so perfect, to serve as bridge to finally make up, and once again, be the best persons, ever, for one another a hug, a priceless ting, a gift for everyone, the effect of it still amazes all people, even science couldn't tell how it works to make an incredible feeling.. how about you?? any expereinces that gave you wonderful feelings by just offering a hug?
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