what kind of learning should be imparted to kids in school

United States
March 23, 2007 1:51pm CST
hey folks what do you think . what should be modern education system like
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24 Mar 07
I think the basic skills are still important - basic maths, reading and writing. However I think in the older years children should be taught more useful skills in life. Instead of pythagorus therum they should be taught household accounting. Instead of book reviews they should learn how to write application letters for jobs. Instead of learning history they should learn how to find out for themselves what they want to learn. Instead of learning about animals and plants they should learn about how to live a healthy life themselves. There should be more practical exams. Every child should be able to cook, do basic DIY, learn car maintenace and other useful skills. Once they pass all of these (I would imagine at age 16) they should then start learning career based skills so if they choose to work in nursing they can do biology. If they want to be an accoutant they can learn maths etc.