Worried bad about the pet food scare...

United States
March 23, 2007 2:26pm CST
Hi, now I am scared out of my mind over the pet food we have been feeding our doggies. I threw it all out, of course, and we are feeding them people food. I have to learn how to make homemade dog biscuits. What are you doing to feed your dog?
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@simplysue (631)
• United States
23 Mar 07
We feed our dog the same as always....Dry Purina dog chow with table scraps and water mixed in. What happened recently makes me happy that we never buy canned dog food. I think what happened recently will most likely be a call for some kind of inspection process akin to the food inspections for human food. It's likely that the companies will monitor production more closely themselves to avoid future law suits and enforsed inspections. Personally, I see this situation the same as a recall on a human food product that has been contaminated. We still eat peanutbutter in our household. We still eat lettuce. We still eat ground beef. If you would like a recipe for homemade dog biscuits, I'm pretty sure that there were a few on either allrecipes.com or recipegoldmine.com I can certainly understand your fear as I love my Jefferson dearly but too much people food truly isn't good for dogs, at least according to our vet. You may be better off taking a chance with the dog food or a homemade version of it instead of actual people food all the time. Hugs to you. I'm sorry you are feeling so afraid and hope you can find a comfortable compromise that is good for your dog and you soon. :)