Anyone sell on Ebay for a living?

United States
March 23, 2007 4:44pm CST
Hello, I'm interested in working from home by selling on Ebay. Does anyone out there do this? And if so what types of products do you sell and what amount of income are you making from it? Do you maybe know of any sites that would have resources about making a living on Ebay?
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@cabergren (1181)
• United States
3 Apr 07
I have been selling on Ebay for about 3 years. I sell custom made doll clothes for American Girl and Bitty Baby dolls. I am doing it part time for extra money. I usually make about $700-800 a month. Check out my site:
@jacnmkc (32)
• United States
28 Mar 07
It depends if you have items people are looking for or are interested. I started selling some stuff on e-bay and I was pleasantly surprised. I asked only $5 for a video game ended up getting bid for $26. My father sells Navy stuff on e-bay and I looked at his sales and in just 5 days he made over $1700. My husband has a large collection of comic books that we are going to try to sell. I personally want to try and sell vintage toys. Good luck and let us know if you find any useful information since I'm a new ebayer myself.
• Malaysia
24 Mar 07
It's hard to make a living just selling on Ebay if you don't even know what to sell.
@kate44 (100)
24 Mar 07
Hi, clothes sell well on Ebay - especially larger sizes and petite sizes. Maternity wear and childrens clothing items sell well too. Shoes sell very well, just search the internet for 'wholesale shoes' etc and you can make a fortune buying and reselling items like this. Make up brands such as Dior and Estee Lauder sell well too. Buy 'lots' of Clinique or Lauder or Dior and then resell individually to make £££
• Malaysia
24 Mar 07
Hi there, i'm working from home selling in eBay for a full time income. Money is good if you work hard on it. Find a niched product that you'd be interested in. Or do you do any craft works at home? you could sell some of the things you make, or find a wholesaler...
24 Mar 07
I have been a member of eBay for over three years now and can honestly state you will never make a good living by selling on Ebay. There are loads and loads of "earn money on eBay" sites, these are scams and will not help you earn money. Seriously, if you want to sell on eBay then you are better off doing research on eBay itself, check out the completed auctions and see what is selling at the moment. Also, go onto eBay's own community pages the Q & A board and ask the regulars on the board for advice. Good luck
@Sicantik (706)
23 Mar 07
Hi I'm a seller on eBayUK selling baby nursery items and I have my eBay shop called Adam&Isla this is the link if you want to have a look I started 2 years ago by selling stuff I don't need then I start selling cheap designer clothes I got from my holiday in Indonesia.And when I ran out of items to sell I start buying item from eBay wholesaler section, they have alot of good deal joblot of different kind of items. It depend what you like. To get more information you can visit eBay community section and visit the forum and just start asking question there. That's how I gather most of my information. there's also business section on eBay basically just browse arround and you'll get there. You can also browse on internet for the best US wholesaler (sorry I can't help you there as I only know information for the UK). Well good luck I hope you can get all information you need...xx