Bingo, what is the obsession???

March 23, 2007 8:33pm CST
I worked for years at a local bingo hall. I never was into playing bingo and working there ruined me from ever getting "addicted". I used to think it bizarre how some customers would come in and sit in the same chair, the same table, by the same type of cards, they needed to have the same colour dabber all out of ?? Superstition? The dabbers that we sold had numbers on the cap ( ex. 0 75 or B 15) customers would make us workers dig through a certain kind to find a certain number. It was so frustrating. I've always wondered, is it an addiction? Why do you play bingo? How often do you go? Are you superstitious?
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24 Mar 07
Well, I havn't been to a bingo hall for quite a while and i've only been a few times as it is, however, I have started to play online instead. I have no idea why its so addicting but i'm a fan of games in general. I think its the feeling of winning or knowing that you almost won. I dunno, its a difficult subject to answer really.