Are Internet Marketers Millionaires

@ssshjah (109)
March 23, 2007 8:43pm CST
Internet marketers claim that they are millionaires. Are they real? Do they receive the amount of money that they claim? I'm not sure. Do you?
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@kpfingaz (1028)
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
27 Mar 07
Of course there are millionaires in IM and some that are not but are generating huge sums of monthly and yearly income. Think of all the people who shop on the internet. Think about all the people who search for information. Have you ever bought an ebook or a piece of software on the internet. Guess what its all Internet Marketing and not only the big companies are doing it. Short answer - yes there are internet marketing millionaires. I am currently learning to make money as an internet marketer and I make about $500 a month. There are persons who, where I am learning, that are making amounts in excess of $10 000 and even $50000 per month so I dont doubt it.
@ssshjah (109)
• Malaysia
27 Mar 07
Would you mind sharing some information on how you can generate $500 a month 'cos I have not been able to do so. Do you have your own product? Or are you doing affiliate marketing?