Does our love and affection flow downwards?

March 24, 2007 1:47am CST
Parents love their kids. When these kids grow up they love their kids and not their parents. But the parents continue to love their grown up childrens. Is this true that our love and affection flows downwards rather than upwards? It has been seen time and again that how parents suffer and sacrifices their own lives to give their children better education, better standards of life and something more. But when those childrens grow up, start their own families, they seldom look after their aged parents. They remain more concerned about the well being of their own childrens rather than their parents, who are in real need to be looked after. These aged parents look forwards in week ends for their children to come to them. Phone calls remain unanswered. Why? Their childrens were busy attending the fancy dress party of their own children. Come on friends. Share your experiences.
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• India
4 Apr 07
If every one one of start thinking what would happen to us in future then i think, we would better realise the ignorance felt by a dejected parent. It wont take more that 20yrs for us to experience the ignorance which we are giving to our parents. And looking in another angle..the child is exposed to more attractive dimensions in life which is far more entertaining that a parental care.(which is ofcrs needed only during hard times), so the child obviously goes towards the more fancy side rather than sitting with its parent and nuturing them. So the children need to realise pain they have been giving to their parents and accept the fact that the same would happen to them one day.
@shezah (47)
• Pakistan
25 Mar 07
Yes you are right upto some extent cause ia hve seen many parents living alone and their grown up kids are enjoying their life abroad without caring for their old parents who worked day n night to make them successful enough to work abroad and prove themselves and their abilities abroad and enjoy all the good things of life.....but still in east 75% of poeple care for their aging parents i have seen many of the people sacrificing the offers of good jobs just because of their parents not wanting them to be left alone in this old age so i thank God that in Eastern countries still we care and respect out elders and conditions are not that bad as it is in west.
@aash63 (75)
• India
24 Mar 07
taht is nice post.but not all children are dedicated to their child but there are some one like me who loves their parents and will do all favours to their parents.
• India
24 Mar 07
yes i think you are pretty write.but this is not in all the cases as i've seen many still as dutifull chilren keep up with their parents and also their own kids.