Food gathering, Hunting and Fishing

March 24, 2007 2:58am CST
Poeple in some regions of the world lead a simple life, as they are solely dependent on the bounties of nature. They gatehr fruits, nuts, roots leaves from the plants for their food. Food gathering involves migration in search of edible products from plants. Hunting for animals and birds and fishing in lakes and rivers provide a nutritious supplemetnary food. They use simple implements like spears, bows and arrows for hunting. Nets and traps are used for fishing. Locally available materials are used for making their clothing and shelter. Such tribal communities have an intimate knowledge of their habitat and they live in harmony with their environment. As most of their requirements are met from the local environment, a large area is needed to support each community. Such communiites are the Pygmies of Africa, the Semang of Malaysia, Bushmen and the Aborigines of Austrialia living in Tropical deserts and the Inuts and Lapps lving in the Polar regions. However rapid changes are taking place in the modes of living of many of these communities.
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