Role of Women

March 24, 2007 3:08am CST
In the early periods of human history, women used to look after childen and aged, while the men went out in search of food. When agriculture develped, women were also engaged in work on the farms, such as transplanting, weeding and harvesting. Other occupations like mining, lumbering and fishig do not employ women in large numbers. With the spread of education and vocational training facilities in developed countries, women are able to get employment in a variety of occupatins in manufacturing industires and services. In developing countries, women are lagging behind men in education and therefore they lack avenues of employment. With the spread of education and increasing awareness among women, the number of women entering the labour force has been increasing in recent years. The role of women has changed from that of a caretaker of the family to that of a breadwinner. As more and more women get educated and find jobs, they will get their importance recognized by society.
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