What will you do if you meet a person...SMILING at You?

@micah44 (108)
March 24, 2007 3:53am CST
Crazy,crazy will you say that when you meet a person smiling at you with no reason at all?Tell me...
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@budsr03 (2351)
• Canada
24 Mar 07
It would please me and i would smile back. If he or she had a glow in their eyes i would know they are a child of God! Take care Micah44.
@budsr03 (2351)
• Canada
27 Mar 07
Micah i approved your frienship but i can't find you on my list! Please accept my friendship request?
@info2go (241)
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
Interesting... Well, it depends on what kind of smile that person is giving you. It could be a grinning smile, he might be thinking that he could take advantage of you or it could just be a friendly innocent smile which can really brighten your day. Perhaps that was a sarcastic smile and he is really trying to make fun of you, he might be criticizing you for the way you look or move. It might be an enthusiastic smile from someone who find you familiar, maybe an old friend who you just didn't recognize. You see, there are a lot of meaning you can give to a simple smile, some good and some reflect bad intentions. Anyway, here's a really nice poem about all those smiles you see from different people everyday: ---- ---- ---- There are smiles that they call winsome, There are smiles that they call dry; There are smiles that can bring laughter, There are smiles that make us cry. There are smiles that like the springtime Give us sunshine every day; There are smiles that like the tempest Stops the wanderer on his way. There are smiles that come and vanish Like a shadow in a dream; The we pause to think and wonder, What, O just WHAT can it MEAN? But the smile I shall remember, Is the sweet smile of a friend, That is true and pure and loyal, One that lingers till the end. ---- ---- ---- Hope you guys liked that. Good Luck Smiling! ;p
@miejanne (222)
• Finland
24 Mar 07
I would thik he/she's drunk, crazy or american and duck for cover! Yippeeeeee!
@unithorn (193)
• United States
24 Mar 07
One afternoon, I was standing around somewhere, waiting for a friend to come out of the store. A man walked by, and I nodded to him (didn't smile) when he looked at me, to acknowledge his presence. He looked at me and said "Hey, you forgot your smile" and continued on, never breaking stride. I don't think I'd smiled that big in a long time! And I hear that in my mind sometimes, and try to remember to smile at people. Why not?
@merlblue (275)
• United Arab Emirates
24 Mar 07
its good to know if someone is smiling at you. its a great compliment.
24 Mar 07
Crazy person - Don't annoy the crazy person
I'd rather people smiled than scowled or frowned at me, a smile is no much nicer don't you think