Could you survive 1 month without Internet?

March 24, 2007 4:35am CST
Im an Online Gamer, I chat, I visit websites, watch movies and listen to songs on the internet.. My question is could u survive 1 month w/o the internet? & why?
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@drakan291 (817)
• Ireland
24 Mar 07
well no. I might be able to survive for around two weeks but no more then that. I believe that my internet is my only connection to the real world. And i get most of my information about anything form the internet! So no i would not be able to survive for a month without the internet!
@mrsbrian (1949)
• United States
24 Mar 07
the answer for me is yes , but would i want to nooooooooo before i had internet i always wondered what was the big deal about internet, i had my computer for a few months before i had internet and had no idea what i was missing lol,playing games,chatting with my friends,looking for infornation i need,internet marketing, expecially i moved away from my family for a few years and it was an inexpensive way to talk everyday,shareing pictures of my grandkids so i could watch them grow. now im home and we still talk if i dont see them, i go stir crazy for just a few hours with out internet im like wow now what do i do.
@lilaclady (28207)
• Australia
24 Mar 07
Oh no I couldn't stand it, I cant be without my computer for an hour, I would go absolutely crazy, it is my communication....
@xelissa (776)
• New Zealand
24 Mar 07
When our internet connection broke down for 2 hours, I nearly had a panic attack. If I can't survive that, how am I supposed to survive a day, a week of even a month? I do alot of stuff online, its the most lively place for me and always keeps me occupied with my own website, etc. And I chat, email, surf and make graphics alot on the internet.
@aissar (414)
• Malaysia
24 Mar 07
My answer would be a huge NO. Lol I'm totally addicted to the Net; being offline for 2 days can make me go nuts already. So imagine being offline for a month. I need to have my daily dose of at least BEING present in the online world for an hour, minimum. I usually spend two or three hours per day on the net, sometimes during weekends or holidays I spend 5 hours or more. I need the internet to do lots of stuff - blogging, reading my friends' blogs, downloading stuff, and most importantly, connecting to mylot! lol I set a target for myself to post at least 10 posts per day in mylot. So if the internet is down I'll definitely feel restless and roam around restlessly in the house.