Beautiful poem

@heesaf (739)
October 18, 2006 2:16am CST
For a world of love “It’s a world of love, it’s a world of peace.” That Disneyland song, is it merely a dream? While I lament at this great loss I still insist it’s not a lost cause Just tell me which religion preaches us hate? And for killing each other, why blame fate? It’s when we get greedy and usurp others’ rights They get enraged and retaliate with might Respect other people and it comes around Look down on them and it’ll surely rebound Different colours, nations, tongues are all God’s signs To understand this my friends, we have to be wise We have to remember that hatred consumes Everything around, then becomes ashes and fumes Our hearts have hardened, why are there no feelings left? Of loving and caring, are they totally bereft? Revive them, my friends, just make them soft Look at misery around you and let that tear drop Don’t stop at that, roll up your sleeves Give, help, protest — do something concrete We’re all good at something, look deep inside And think of the world you leave for your child We can change the world, so let’s give it a try You do your best and so will I.
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