apple phone

@linoge (102)
United States
March 24, 2007 5:31am CST
does anyone have a apple phone that newly lunch?? any one know the price?? ^^x
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@felicas83 (311)
• Ecuador
30 Apr 07
the apple's iphone will be launche (it it is approved by the FCC in the US) between june and july, that the information that everybody has, the price i think will be 499 for a 4 gb iphone and 599 for a 8 gb iphone, and you should buy it with a 2 year contract with cingular, as far as all know, from what steve jobs said on its iphones keynote on january of this year, right know there are a lot of rumors about it, but we just can hope it will be launched with no delays, for more information about the iphone you could go to and there you can register for the latest news on the iphone, recently (about 3 weeks or a month, i don't remember it well) i received a mail from apple that i was registered (i registered on february) so that means that we can expect some news within this 2 months, since we are so close to "official launch date" (just two months away)
@linoge (102)
• United States
9 Sep 07
it got price cut until $200 T_T is it really bad??
• Ecuador
10 Sep 07
there may be a lot of reason, price cut of the components, to get more sales, learning curve, i don't know, but i guess is for increase the sales, they just reduce a little the margin, get lower costs and that