what do you think of Friends

March 24, 2007 5:48am CST
Hi,everyone,I am a chinese girl .These days I have seen the great tv series Friends,and I feel it is amaing.As far as I know,it is very popular in USA and all the around the world.so I wanna know what do you think about it?Above all who is your favourite charecter ?
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• India
15 Apr 07
yeah...i have seen the whole friends series atleast 8 times....and i loved it too....fav charector was joey..... i dont know how you hada never heard of friends before,...i mean it started in the nineties
24 Mar 07
god girl you r way behind friends in the united kingdom..is well finished and we see the whole series twice...its ok i did watch it a few times...so you r just finding out about it now...enjoy..and welcome to my lott o)lol..jdxx.
24 Mar 07
I love friends, we get it here in the United Kingdom to0. My favourite character is Chandler as he always seems to make lots of mistakes and says the wrong things at the wrong time! Friends is just so easy to watch and I like like the way in which they share everything and are always involved in each others lives. Thanks for posting this discussion and welcome to mylot.