how do you react to racist comments?

March 24, 2007 5:51am CST
I've been living in Rome for the past 23 years and though I have an Italian nationality, I'm originally from El Salvador, Central America. This morning I was at the supermarket in line to pay what I had bought when an old lady stepped in front of me and starting putting her things on the counter. I told her to please move behind me since I was in line first. Her reply was: "JUST GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY". I told her to please go ahead and pay her stuff cause I really felt sad for her. She was 80 years old and was definitely uglier on the inside than she was on the outside. I said it was such a waste of time to have lived for 80 years and be so full of hatred towards other human beings. That's what I said but truth is I would've loved to just punch her in the face! Aaagghhh! Funny thing is that since I don't look like the typical Latin American, she thought I was from Poland or some other Eastern Euopean country... Not that this changes anything! How do you react to racist people? Has anything like this happened to you?
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24 Mar 07
I find racist comments more saddening than offensive these days. The old lady who was rude to you probably didn't even realise she was making a racist remark at all, and probably was being a sad and rude old lady. I recently had an unpleasant incident which upset me quite badly until I realised that the person concerned was little more than a sad, bitter, twisted, miserable, bigoted old man. When it comes down to something like that, I cannot really get upset, just sad that they feel that way.
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• Italy
24 Mar 07
I guess one should just learn from these episodes. Learn to feel compassion towards others, especially to miserable and bitter people and try not to let their bitterness get into you. Thanks :)
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@xikass (119)
• Egypt
24 Mar 07
her tongue is more like a knife more than a flesh . however , each bottle smills like what it contains . as the arabian proverb says
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• Australia
24 Aug 08
Yeah old people are still set in their ways hey!! I think it is crazy the things old people can say and get away with it because they are old!! what sort of an excuse is that... seriously! I think they should be treated equal as the rest of us, imagine nana coming home from the shops with a fine for being racist or a few hours in the cells would quieten nana down i'm sure. My great grandmother is an old russian lady and some of the things that come out of her mouth are shocking! she doesn't swear or think she is rude but i am embarrassed by her views on different nationalities sometimes.