Do you think cellphones should be banned in schools and colleges?

@ackars (1942)
March 24, 2007 7:46am CST
Do any of you think cellphones should be banned in schools and colleges?I think they shouldnt ban it atleast in colleges...In my case its very useful to know where my friends are,where is the next class,is there a change in a class or timetable etc...And since in a college,lots of extracurricular activities in which the whole of class will be involved and guys will not be alwasy together as in a school...So most of the times all co-ordination works happens thru cellphones...And my parents can call me at any time where ever Im...Most of us either switch it off before we enter a class or put it in silent.Most of the times its the teachers cellphones which rings while taking the class...I just cant understand why most of the colleges wants to ban it?I dont see any justifiable reason behind it...
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@riveream (111)
• Philippines
19 May 08
I think cellphones should not be banned in schools. Cellphones is really important in our daily life. For me, I just used my cellphones for emergency, like texting my classmates to inform the teacher that I will be absent in his/her class because I'm sick and such. Since I am not a healthy person, I definitely need my cellphones for emergency. That is just the main purpose of why I am having a cellphone.
@busta1 (1029)
• United States
19 May 08
no i dnt think they should...cuz kids will stll bring them..i think as long as they dnt use them in the clas then it shouldnt matter if they have it or not