How often do you fly?

@lenywp (1964)
March 24, 2007 8:07am CST
I usually fly twice a year domestically within Australia, and once every 2 years internationally. This increases every year though, as I am starting to fly everywhere on my own. How often do YOU fly and where?
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• United States
13 Dec 09
Currently I fly anywhere from 2 to 6 or more times per week...I'm a flight instructor so it comes with the job! And I love it! As far as a passenger on an commercial airliner I usually fly maybe 4 times a year (round trip)...
• Australia
25 May 07
I am accually looking at doing flying lessons on a regular basis because of my passion for flying. I hope to one day be a pilot in the Australian Air Force.
• United States
24 Mar 07
I never fly, and have no desire to anymore. I used to fly from one end of the states to the other.
@dixie1 (1330)
• United States
24 Mar 07
I fly one or two times a year.
@samrat16 (2442)
• India
24 Mar 07
I fly two times in a year . I fly from pune ( place where I'm living ) to indore ( place where my parents stay ) . yes these are domestic flights only. I go somewhere around big festivals or occasions at hometown. But still I don't feel comfortable in flight , I'm always scared of heights.
@anjoks (2084)
• Philippines
24 Mar 07
Just within our country, it's twice or thrice yearly. Like next week, me and my cousins are flying to boracay to spend vacation there. I still haven't go outside the country but hopefully this year our plans of going to Singapore might push through. (",)