Are you more of of day person of a night person?

@Emilie88 (143)
March 24, 2007 11:47am CST
Over the years I've become to realize that is it important for you and your partner to be both the same kind of person. See, my boyfriend is the most NIGHT person I,ve ever met... He will start his work no earlier than 10 at night sometimes and will go to bed at approximatly 3 in the normaing every night even if he has to wake up for 8 in the morning. Luckyly for me, I am also a night it doesn't affect our relationship THAT much. I was wondering if you are a day or night person..and if you have a partnert that is also like you or is the opposite. Have you ever had a partner who was or is the opposite of you? How well do/did it work out?
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• United States
24 Mar 07
I'm so much more of a morning person than an night person...I love to wake up early and I get so much more done in the morning than in the evening.... I go to bed early,
@sechsey (1836)
• Canada
24 Mar 07
i think i am more of the night person now. Before i am a day person since i work and wake up early duringt he day and come home just to rest and sleep. But lately since i have resigend from work, i tend to sleep in then sleep late because of chatting and mylotting:) Plus the night outs here and there too:)
@aprilgrl (4460)
• United States
24 Mar 07
I am more of a day person and my hubby is more like both day and night. On weekends he is a night person and goes to bed during the day I don't know why he does that.