We do not REALISE the WORTH of something until it is LOST ??

March 24, 2007 1:58pm CST
IT could be anything like a mobile phone, driving license, merit certificate, or just anything that we owe but I am pointing my fingers more at our relationships .. we often tend to take our close realtionships for granted .. oh they will always be by our side .. why care ?? and one find day we realise we have lost them due to our careless behaviour .. jus because we own something it does not mean we stop taking care of it .. relationships need nurturig with love and affection .. when u care u get care in return when you ignore you are bound to be ignored .. just think of all those people who care for u without even expecting something in return .. they are doing it day in and day out for YOU .. are u doing justice to them .. dont wait for the day when they stop caring .. start today .. just go and tell them how much u love them and cannot do without them .. tell them what is their worth in your life .. and see how things change for you from that moment .. hey and keep me posted !! :)
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