Brick : Fantastic Movie (2005)

@pinokkio (352)
March 24, 2007 2:13pm CST
"Brick" transposes the attitude and dialogue of classic detective fiction to a modern southern California high school. The movie opens with the hero Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) finding the dead body of his one time girlfriend in a drainage ditch. The victim is Emily (Emilie De Ravin), who called him earlier for help from a lonely phone booth. He sees her being taken past in a car, possibly a captive. Brendan turns into a classic 1930's detective, tracing her movements back through a high school drug ring and ignoring threats from a high school Principal who tries to pull him off the case. --- This is a fantastic movie with a brilliant genre switch. Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes us believe his character by a solid performance in which he probably never even smiled once, which is usually a trait of a gumshoe detective in the 30's films. Some people might not understand what this movie is trying to do, which is mix two worlds of Cinema together, however even if you're not interested in film genres, it is not at all a boring movie to watch. As the film goes on, the plot starts to come together in one piece, without letting us know too much. Everything you might find in the detective films you will find its modern equivalent here. A character called the Brain provides all the information on people and locations, which is a job usually done in the old times by a buddy or a co-worker of the detective, like a reporter. A character called The Pin which in the old films would be an eccentric leader of criminals. A tough muscle called Tug, who has a short-fuse and almost no brains. Among other colorful characters. My rating for this movie : **** (4 Stars)
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