EGYPT Constitution Modify

March 24, 2007 3:57pm CST
EGYPT Government Plan to change da Consitution .. all of that already too bad for da egyptian Pplz . Some of da changes .. 1. Mr.president will be da president of the judiciary . 2. da authority can be a bequeathed 3. da terrorism law .. ( give da right to any officer to arrest anybdy just if he dunt like his looks ) 4. will supported Goods ( this goods be Cheaper for da ppl ) 5. da control will be in da army and police hands ( mean da police can arrest ya for years without Trial . already da Vote start here .. but they already dunt need our voice or this vote . cuz they done with it :-( whats ur opinion abt that ?
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@readme (8)
• Malaysia
26 Mar 07
If i think about egypt, i think about piramid and Cleopatra. Success for egypt people Hope you success all
• Egypt
26 Mar 07
I Hope soo i will go now to vote places with ma cam i will take photos for everything and post here for sure i think its da best way .. let da pics talk and ur opinion will be rite as i see
@kamran12 (5555)
• Pakistan
24 Mar 07
i don't now about new changes in the egyptian law. but i do know that husni mubarik is stuck to the chair of presidency since i think many years and it's like a dictatorship, when people really don't have their voices heared. now it's upto the people to demand peacefully their rights and make a struggle for it but with the knowledge that to get something you must sacrifice. may be in this time, money and freedom.
• Egypt
25 Mar 07
really we have nuthin to do cuz our voices dunt mean anything now .. just wait and see .. da world gone crazy anyway .. freedom make da ppl blind .. unjustly make da ppl shut up