Do you landscape your yard for yourself or for others?

United States
March 24, 2007 4:45pm CST
I was at the doctor last week and when speaking with a lady about how much I enjoy looking at flowers, she proceeded to tell me how she doesn't really care for them but that others do so she has a yard full for others to look at! Do you take the time to landscape for others or do you do it for yourself? It just seems like a lot of work for nothing if you don't enjoy it yourself!
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• Philippines
25 Apr 07
I have a little yard and I do plant some ornamental plants and I have some flowers. I'm happy looking at flowers and so I cultivate the plants for myself. Of course, other people appreciate the flowers a lot if they chance to pass by seeing the beautiful flowers at my yard.
@coolseeds (3921)
• United States
25 Apr 07
I do it for myself. No one else. It helps me relax. Most people can not appreciate it like I can especially in my neighborhood. But there are a lot of people who drive through just to see it. Which is also rewarding. If I did for other people I would have the dumbest looking flower beds full of day lillies, black eyed susan and hostas. It seems like the only plants people who CLAIM to love plants know or care to plant. That is very boring if you ask me and shows a definite lack of plant knowledge. There are over 8,000 species in the Salvia genus but people around here plant the same stuff over and over. I also get the dumbest advice from people who have not a clue. My neighbor across the street told me I need to coordinate it. Which isn't even what she meant because it is coordinated. She thinks it has to mirror the opposite side. Once again boring. I will also add that she doesn't have not a single flower in the yard. My 1st flower bed can be seen in my photo section to give you an idea of what I do. Soon my flower beds will be worth more than my house. They doubled the tax value of my home. I went to the courthouse to appeal it. I told them if you think the landscaping is worth that much, I can take them out and register a car and park it in place of the flowers. The judge granted my appeal.
@venshida (4837)
• United States
29 Mar 07
I landscape my yard for my enjoyment. I donot care what others think. I plant Tulips which are in bloom right now, and my neighbors comment on how beautiful they are. If they said my garden look tacky, it would not bother me either. That poor lady need help.
@creematee (2810)
• United States
27 Mar 07
OH, I definately landscape for myself. What's the point if I can't enjoy it. LOL! DH and I are currently working on more plans to work on this summer--adding walkways so we're not killing grass or making mud messes, and moving our storage shed to give us a better view of the backyard. Neither one involves anyone but the family (walkway goes from backdoor to cars) so it will be for us. Now, I can plant some really pretty foundation gardens around both to make it pleasant to others, too. :)
@peavey (16991)
• United States
26 Mar 07
What I do to my yard, I do for myself. The front yard, though, I do think about how it looks to others and I'm not very enthused about it. It's mostly lawn. The back yard is my playground. I grow a lot of things there, vegetables, flowers, bushes and trees and I do it to suit myself.
@ginagee (843)
24 Mar 07
Personally i do it for myself, I love to garden and it's always great if someone passing by tells me what a good job I've done and how lovely my garden looks. I also think it's a nice idea to have the garden for other people to enjoy though, it's a shame that more people don't think like that!