Are you able to get links, sponsor, etc in the sidebar at blogspot?

@toolfan (305)
United States
March 24, 2007 6:05pm CST
I have a blog thru blogspot, and the 2 outside bars of the blog, are of course, blank. However, with blogspot, I am not able to find a template that fills that in, and will fill the whole screen. I went to a person's webiste that was here on MyLot yesterday, and saw that she was able to fill in the sidebars. Thanks SUPERMOM!! My question is, does anyone know a site that I can go to in order to get the side bars filled in, meaning the whole screen, or is there no way to do it with blogspot...If Blogspot does not allow it, is there a site that you would recommend that has a free blog site, but still allows you to fill in those sidebars? Thanks for the help.
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