March 24, 2007 8:30pm CST
Do you like putting watermarks on your photos before you share them to the world? Watermarking protects your photos and it discourages others to use them for commercial purposes. If you watermark your photos, what software do you use?
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@kgwat70 (13395)
• United States
25 Mar 07
No, I have not used watermarking for my photos but it sounds like I should be and will need to find a program that can do this. Thank you for mentioning this as I was not familiar with watermarking. Do you know of any software that I can do this with my photos?
@luna5065 (64)
• Malaysia
26 Mar 07
i just put little small watermark on the bottom of my pic.. don't like it disturb my pic. and i also resize it if want to share it over internet..
@jayperiod (870)
• United States
26 Mar 07
I both downsize and watermark my photos. I have them on stock sites for sale and they watermark them. When I post them on places like here or my photo blog site, I watermark them using Photoshop and layers. It's just added protection so someone won't steal my stuff.
@arkaf61 (10881)
• Canada
25 Mar 07
I don't usually bother to watermark my work, unless it's something done for a specific reason and that I would prefer to have it protected. However watermarking just makes it more complicated not impossible. When I do watermark, I use photoshop. I know that there are programs available to do that but I didn't really like them much, nor did i see the benefits unless I was watermarking batches of images, which I don't.
@nilzerous1 (2435)
• India
25 Mar 07
I use Watermark to protect my important documents from being duplicated. It makes rather difficult to copy a document that has watermark on it. I use microsoft Word for this purpose. For my images, I really do not take that much care as those are not the best of the images. But I can add watermark on Images using Photoshop. I do it by adjusting the layer transparency. Do not have much idea whether there is any tool in photoshop to do that or not though.
@Pigglies (9336)
• United States
25 Mar 07
I don't, but I only share my photos on the web at 640x480. If there is a photo that might have some use to it, it's not usually posted anywhere except up for sale.