How will I potty train my 3 year old daughter?

March 24, 2007 9:12pm CST
Some books i read told me not to force children into doing it. But i have to, right? But how to i go about it. How should i start the training? My daughter is very smart, talking to her is easy but when it comes to this, its like war. good mothers out there, pls help me?
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29 Mar 07
Potty training girls are very easy. I have 2 girls. They are 2 and 4. Both are potty trained. I started with the first one when she was 1 and a half, and she was fully trained before she hit 2 years old. Now my second one I started with her when she was 1 and a half also, she finished right after she turned 2. How I did it. Everytime that I had to go, I would take my child as well. Make her sit on the potty, even if she does not use it. Make her wipe and empty it herself. Ask her like every5 minutes if she has to go. While they were training, if they went in their pants, I would tell them that was bad, and then needed to do it in the potty, then I would put them on the potty, and I would put them in the corner for like 2 minutes. Neither one of them use the bathroom in the bed or their pants. They have done very well.
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30 Mar 07
Thanks for the advice. But the day i posted this discussion, i had to do it for reasons that all her playmates know how to. Though its hard because of her crying and constant asking for a diaper, i didnt listen to her and just told her repeatedly that if she's about to do it she has to go to the bathroom and im not gonna let her wear diaper anymore coz she's a princess already and not a baby... In just 3 hours, she did it and now she's good at it and smiling. Im proud of my baby, i thought it will take me forever to convince her, she did it in a few hours only!!! yehey.
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4 Apr 07
I had to laugh when I read that.... remembering how I started out trying to potty train my youngest son. We went to a department store and I let him pick out 3 packages of novelty underwear, he loved them! When we walked past the diapers and I didnt buy any, he got upset and was expecting me to get them (he used to sit on them in the buggy) and when I explained what the underwear were for, he started crying and threw the underwear out onto the floor. He still wanted to be a baby and didnt want to be a big boy. I kept giving him big hugs and telling him he will always be my baby and he'd always be the baby of the family. Maybe giving her a little more attention is what he needed! I used to yell "yay!!" and clap when my kids would finally go, it's funny because for a while after they're trained....they would yell yay when they were done. Good Luck! Have Patience! Enjoy them while they're little..... they grow up wayyy too fast!