is there any natural effective way to cure endometriosis?

March 24, 2007 10:02pm CST
I'm tired of taking contraceptive pills. I want an alternative that is not as drastic as surgery. Can you recommend some food or exercise for endo? I heard of primsrose oil, do you think it's effective?
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30 Mar 07
I've suffered with this for years and after being suggested by doctor to have hysto, I was desperate for natural alternatives as well. After all the surgery is only temp, as you have heard, it comes back and you have more surgeries. This sounds impossible I know, I read it from one you had it, and thought what your going to think. But I had nothing to lose and was willing to try anything. This was inexpensive and I did it and it worked, prior I had soooo much pain I could hardly walk, by my second day I was walking so much better, by my 3rd i was so grateful by my fourth i was still in disbelief, I had NO PAIN!!! by 7th i was like, maybe i can stop eating this I'm ok, but told myself i better follow through. EATING A PINT of cottage cheese with 3/4 almond oil or your preference mix well, and don't have to eat all at once, just sometime throughout day have the pint eaten, do this for 10 days. I bought 10 containers of cottage cheese and 1 bottle of oil. That was about 8 months ago, longest i've been pain free. Essential oils are fantastic too for pain!!
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9 Apr 07
Wow, this is another new treatment alternative. Thank you and you are very right on the essential oils being especially conducive to self-healing and reducing pain ! I enjoy essential oils of Lavender, Myrrh, Frankincense, Bergamot, and or Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang. All very good for soothing menstrual and gynecological irregularities and dysfunctions. W.A.I.T.T.-- We Are In This Together ! my motto after being diagnsoed almost two years ago with a non-cancerous ovarian cyst. My quest is continuing in helping each and every woman suffering with any of these conditions that there is hope outside of the scalpel and anesthesia.
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15 Oct 07
Someone else wrote that lay low on dairy so how does the cottage cheese help? and can I get almond oil at any grocery store? Does it taste good?
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25 Mar 07
Have you been diagnosed already by laproscopic surgery? If so, what stage of endometriosis have they diagnosed you with? I just had my third operation for endometriosis 5 months ago at the center for endometriosis care in Atlanta GA and have never felt better. They had to do complete excision to get rid of everything and I lost an ovary and had a bowel resection as well. I have stage 4 endo. though so you might not have to go through all that. By going to a doctor that does not specialize in endometriosis you can get increasingly worse over time so it is very important to be with a good doctor that understands the disease. Depot Provera worked wonders for me before I was able to go to GA. Maybe you could try that instead of having to take the pill every day. There are also books out that are all about endo. and they have some holistic remedies in them, check your local library for them:) Hope this helps you out a little.
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26 Mar 07
Depot Provera is still not a natural way for me cause it uses injections :-s And it's not entirely effective since you still had to go surgery. i dont have access to a library right now so maybe you could name some of those holistic remedies. Thanks for replying anyway.
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9 Apr 07
In my humble opinion, suffering already from an ovarian non-cancerous cyst caused by misdiagnosed endometriosis and dysmenorrhea from almost 14 years now-- I finally reduced the cyst size and can lead a normal life again because I checked my hormone levels and through trial and error realized a lack of Progesterone was my main problem. I found Wild Yam (not the american sweet potato) from Asia called Discorrea root that serves the purpose of what synthetic birth control pills would have done for me with many unneeded side effects. The natural Wild Yam levels out your wacked out hormone levels. How old are you? What is your blood type? Age and eating what our type can biologically break down (fats, proteins, carbs) is very important if endometrium tissue is growing too rapidly. Your feeding the estrogen boost and decreasing your Progesterone and Testosterone which must be in equal proportion to what you digest and what remains for energy absorption and later use. I hope I have helped a little . . . sharing the light