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March 24, 2007 10:48pm CST
I have 2 Boxers Paulina and Pimpster and they are the best dogs I've ever had.They're as tough as pitbulls but they're more family-friendly.I was wondering about what age do they usually go in heat?Also,I would like to hear from others as how they became Boxer owners and fans?Thanks.
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6 Jul 07
Hey Arn2ie, My boxer's name is Bluto. He's the 2nd boxer I've owned, my first was named Rocky. Boxer's are the koolest dogs in my opinion. They grow up with you and they are just like having another part of your family with you. I've owned many kinds of dogs but there is something special about boxers. One just won't understand it until you own one. Oh and by the way, I don't know when they go in heat but I am sure it won't be long. AS far as how I became an owner and fan of the boxer, when I was about 9years old I saw and played with my friend's boxer and ever since then I always wanted one. Good Luck.... LoanXpert
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• Ireland
25 Mar 07
hi there,at the moment in england and ireland we re killing all kinds of boxers because they are savages and hurt people