I've wasted two days sitting around waiting for the delivery guy.

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@galatea (686)
March 24, 2007 11:52pm CST
And I might waste another day doing the same. I bought something from ebay and when the seller finally decided to send it (another upsetting issue altogether) via a 24-hour delivery system I got excited. She gave me a tracking number so I immediately checked on it. I kept getting error messages so I emailed customer service and they said that I couldn't track my package until after a day that it has been sent. Well that's some crazy thing. They say they deliver in 24-hours, what the heck would I need to track it after a day? I found out why. The following day I tried to track the package again. Another error message: server down. Wow. It's been two days that their server has been down. They said that it'll be up no later than 9 am today but hello, it's already 12 noon. I emailed customer service, emailed all branches near my area and the sender's and I haven't gotten any reply. They also advertise that they deliver on Sundays. But I'm not so keen on that. I don't make phone calls because I don't have a home phone. I've relied on my mobile phone and my internet for communication. But I think i'll have to call these guys up. Geez what's the use of posting their email addresses if their not going to open them. So here I am. Very upset and I'm sure you have a similar story.
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@yanjiaren (9050)
26 Mar 07
Oh I can understand your frustration. They never wait in time for you to go and open the door either.,.they hurry to leave the note behind and then I have to arrange all over again Now that reallly does peeve me off. So sorry to hear this..well you can at least earn some money mylotting while waiting so it won't be too bad and the time will pass quickly I hope for tuou..Take care and please don't stress too much..
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@galatea (686)
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
I ended up picking it up from their warehouse. When I checked with the rep she said that the delivery man noted on the computer that the house was closed when he came by. I bet he never knocked, or maybe he knocked in the wrong house. Grrr.
@jlo228 (170)
• Philippines
25 Mar 07
For me I don't trust so easily about purchasing through internet and waiting for the delivery.. I'm not totally into it. It's better to buy in the malls near you..So you can see s products and to get a warranty easy access.