what are the reason/s why most guys cheat..

@potpot (26)
March 25, 2007 1:56am CST
i just don't get the hang of it... when i was young my dad used to cheat on my mom... but he says he do love my mom... then what does pursuits him to do this.. fast forward to this moment... my mom and dad will celebrate their 30th marriage anniversary on august... but until now my dad still cheats on my mom... and she's used to it already... i pity my mom... but no one i think could ever stop my dad from doing this... i don't know his reasons up to now why he's doing it... Now, i also do have a family... I don't want my husband to cheat over me.. That's why i started this thread so i am aware of the reason's why men cheat... ***by the way, infairness to my dad he gives us everything we want.. all our necessities... up to his grandchildren... (my husband and i don't have a work right now and we have 3 children)
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